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Inspiring students in low-socioeconomic areas to realize their full potential in and out of the classroom. 

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Rise Like a Phoenix

We encourage our students to "rise up" by promoting good citizenship and healthy lifestyle choices. PASS teaches a wide range of skills like: responsibility, discipline, and respect. 

Our program gives students a chance to holistically develop their abilities, while learning new skills. Opportunities like these are limited, and we define success as students rising above their current circumstances.

The Sport for a Lifetime

So why Tennis? It is shown to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health, which directly contributes to our students' success. Muscular fitness, problem solving, and strong social skills are just some of the benefits our students experience. 

Students who regularly attend programs such as ours are shown to have better grades, study habits, and school based behavior. That's how we serve up success! 


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