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December 11, 2022

PASS is invited to participate in an award-winning academic program designed to support students in grades 8-12 to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for college and beyond. The United States Tennis Association Foundation (USTAF), the national charity for the governing body of tennis in the United States, and Winward Academy are thrilled to provide PASS students this unique opportunity. 


Thanks to the generosity of the USTA Foundation, this program is being provided at no cost to PASS. 

What Students Will Access Through Winward Academy:
  • Over 250 hours of lessons to build core English and Math skills

  • Over 10,000 practice questions to develop mastery in these fundamental areas

  • 16 real past ACT and SAT exams with detailed explanations and in-depth analyses to help students identify their areas of strength and opportunities for substantial growth

  • College knowledge curriculum to support seniors with their essays, college apps, resumes, interviews, letters of recommendation, and references needed for college applications

  • NCAA resources about eligibility, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and injury prevention

How Students Grow:
  • Students who complete this program are 3.5-4.0 times more likely to be college-ready in English, Math, Reading, and Science

  • NJTL Excellence students who used this program grew their English proficiency by 15% and Math proficiency by 25%

What Other Support Students Will Receive:
  • All students who participate will receive a study plan specified to grade level for them to follow along throughout the school year

  • NJTL chapters and families will be invited to a virtual welcome kickoff to learn more about the program and to ask any questions

  • Participating families will be invited to monthly workshops and office hours to receive additional guidance about the college application process, study skills, tips for success in college, and more

What Each Grade Level Will Focus On:
  • 8th grade – master English and Math basics, so students are ready for high school

  • 9th grade – solidify knowledge in core areas that set students up for success in high school

  • 10th grade – review fundamentals, so students are ready for topics of increasing difficulty

  • 11th grade – solidify knowledge in the most frequently tested lessons on the ACT and SAT while also complementing those efforts with timed practice sections and detailed correction notes

  • 12th grade – spend the first half of the year putting together strong college applications and preparing for ACT/SAT exams (if applicable). The second half of the year focuses on review of core English and Math concepts that students will need for college and professional settings.

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